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Advantages of Becoming a Snack Maker

New Enquiries
The Snack Makers connects you to hundreds of people looking to purchase authentic snacks.

More Income
New revenue streams for you from growing Snack Makers community.

More Benefits
We will expand your online presence through marketing to help you grow.

How we Work

# Expand

We encourage local people to join the community

# Promotion

We promote local snack makers through digital marketing campaigns


Your online presence = more opportunities to receive an order.

How to Join

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You deliver customer’s order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SnackEat is a place to buy and sell authentic homemade snacks. We bring the local snack makers and people from all corners of the city, country and beyond on this online community.

Snack makers take care of what they do best – creating a vast variety of remarkably good quality snacks. We handle the tech, marketing and promotion for them.

Of course, Yes as per the Food Safety Security and Authority of each country selling homemade food is legal – all you need is minimal registration with them. We have a team who could guide you on food regulations and help you get registered with food authorities. It is a short and simple process, only takes a few days. Always happy to help you 😊

Since it is a local marketplace, it is often the Snack maker is just around the corner or few miles away. You both can decide to meet up at a convenient place to collect/pick up your order or request the seller to hand-deliver it (if you are happy to pay for home delivery). Just let the seller know and they can work with you arrange the best, cheapest and safest delivery service. Quick and Easy – happy days 😊

We totally Trust and Believe that home-made food is truly amazing! Because people like you and me make food at home with love & care, that is tasty, good quality and safe to eat.

We will continually pour over reviews, transactions and listings to maintain legitimacy and trust within the community. We think SnackEat can be a great thing for the whole community, but we need your help to make sure that the right folks are involved.

You will need to place an order in advance. This allows them to have sufficient time to prep your order and ensure it is packed perfectly for the delivery day. If you need something urgent for a special occasion e.g. birthday cake or something, then just drop a message to the snack maker and they will respond.

Just click on their profile/name and hit “Contact seller” via chat or phone. for chat, a chat window will open and from there you can send a direct message – very simple! 😊